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About Us

The Caulfield Grammarians Production Company is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering an accessible and inclusive space for performing arts enthusiasts. Our mission is to showcase the diverse talents of the performers and creators within the Caulfield alumni and the broader community while cultivating a local theatre co-operative exploring various creative endeavours.


At our core, we're more than a cast of performers and creators. We're an outlet to bring stories to life and nurture the development of our members. Whether it's behind the curtain, from set design to technical operations, lighting, costumes, promotional efforts, and partnerships with local businesses, everyone has a role to play in ensuring our collective success.


Our logo, the ghost light, symbolises our commitment to keeping the theatre and its creations illuminated – and providing a beacon for all who wish to be a part of it.


Initially established as the CGA Theatre Project by Youseff Sabet, our company hit the stage with a successful rendition of Louis Nowra's "Cosi" in 2019, laying the groundwork for our organisation. With a new board in the driving seat since late 2023, our focus is on expanding upon this foundation, cultivating a local theatre community enriched by passion and volunteers.

Want to know more, or to join our community? 

Red Chairs

Meet the CGPC Team

Untitled design (77).png
Connor Bannister (he/him)
Technical Producer
CGS Class '17
Untitled design (80).png
Emily Hawdon (she/her)
CGS Class '20
Untitled design (79).png
Claire Hawdon (she/her)
CGS Class '21
Untitled design (81).png
Scarlet Haberfield (she/her)
CGS Class '20

Our Supporters

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